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February 24, 2008

Summer Plans Change Again

Well, as things would have it, our plans have changed yet again. It appears that we will be working in Tri City Washington for the summer with APX.

Because of recent delays and offsets with rounding up a team sufficient enough for a big office, I will be working in a "B" market which means there will be only 3 or 4 techs to watch over. That's fine, says me. At least we don't have to travel across the nation. Then again, it was going to be nice to visit family and friends on that side, and to see some church history while we were at it. All for another day, I suppose ...

So the correct answer on the poll was "none of the above."

February 20, 2008

Gifts are so Fun

So, it's my sisters birthday in 8 days. I got her a gift and now I'm wondering how to send it. I thought she would like a great conversation starter to hang just above her fireplace -- a gigantic fish trophy. Don't let her know though ...

February 19, 2008

Snow Update

For those of you that bask in the blissful sun and enjoy the tantilizing 75 degree weather ... or wonder what you should do today -- fly a kite or go to the beach ... or are trying to put off mowing the lawn or spraying down the driveway ...

Let me impress upon your minds that there are others that lack your posh life-style. Yes, there are those of us who have chosen a harder, more cold life upon which we fabricate blessings in heaven awaiting our arrivle when we depart from this place.

A couple of things to point out. 1) the snow parcially covers the steps. 2) the bank is way higher than the four 8" rise steps. 3) the railing barley pokes out of the snow bank

This is the drive way. It has been plowed already but the snow banks on the side allow for zero visiblility when one is pulling out.

February 15, 2008


So, in case you are wondering ... this is what I had for lunch today. And yesterday, and two nights ago at 12:00 pm as well as for dinner that same night.

This deluxe version of nachos is for the advanced nocho eater only. I'm seriously thinking about opening up a restaraunt so I can serve these to all those people who think their advanced nacho eaters, but really they cant stop eating them, and I take all their money.

Of course the other thing that I eat a lot are bambinos. It's this great bread that's fried while containing tasty deluctables such as BBQ, chicken, eags/ham/bacon, cheese, etc. I get them free 'cause Lesley got a job working at the place that sells them, as can be seen as exibit A.

February 05, 2008


Even with over 5 feet of snow in my front yard, wind of 35,000 MPH, and temperatures of 30 degrees Kelvin, things are managing to warm up in my world.

I will be able to graduate in April!

Yes, yes, it's a great feeling to know that I don't have to stay one more semester for a rediculous 1 credit. As long as I take this on-line 2 cerdit church history class and complete it before April 1, I will be able to graduate with a real, honest to goodness, tangable, original, the real deal, the whole enchalada, piece of paper with my name on it.

FEW !!

February 02, 2008

My new aspiration

If any of you have heard the song "waiting on a woman" by Brad Paisley, then you can understand what I am talking about.

Because I tend to be "behind schedule," so to speak, I have suggested that Lesley and I should get this vehicle.

February 01, 2008

Please, No More

So, I've just decided that shoveling snow is "no bueno." Yesterday, as I came home from school, it was snowing. There were two girls on top of a mound of snow in thier own yard chanting, as if they were casting a spell and it was working, "yea! Snow, snow, snow ... snow, snow, snow ... "
I then turned and looked at this sight and thought (without the nice path, mind you), "NO! No, no, no ... no, no, no ...)
For those of you who can't tell, the snow comes up to one's waist. This amount of snow happened in about 1 week, and for this particular week the weather man says that it is supposed to continue to snow all week long.

I think this will have an influence on where I decide to settle down after school.