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August 29, 2008

Farewell Spokane

This is the end of a chapter and we are beginning a new one. We are leaving Spokane tomorrow and visiting Tessa, Cory and Macade in the Tacoma area. We will drive back here to Spokane, pack our car full and off to visit Brent and Michaella. After that, we will make the galactic drive from Rexburg, ID to Gilbert, AZ. Not a big deal. I have made that drive at least 15 times. Only this time I am pregnant. Hopefully it won't be that bad. I will document the vacation when we arrive in AZ.

Spokane is a pretty area... mountainous, green, nice people in our ward... but we are sure glad to be done with APX. We learned a lot this summer and I made some new friends. Poor Dave did not have a good experience but, he did grow as a person. I know that Heavenly Father knows what will mold us into what we need to become and this is excatly what He had in store for us. Life will never be easy it will only be worth it. I am excited for the next couple of chapters in our life. Farewell Spokane.

August 23, 2008


Cool date huh! Well Dave and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary on this cool date. We both took the day off and spent the whole day together. First, Dave took me clothes shopping but, he did not look like he was enjoying the shopping. I decided to cut it early. Next, we went test driving cars (something that we both like to do and we are semi-in-the-market). The sales guy was extremely pushy. I have been test driving lots of times and have never had a sales guy that was that pushy. I was getting really annoyed plus, I was tried and hungry. After, we headed to the mini-golf place and did a round of miniature golf. We had tons of fun. The first putt I got a hole-in-one. I was so surprised. Dave got a couple hole-in-ones as well. At the end, we tallied up all the points and it ended up being a tie. HAAAAAA how cute. Finally, to end the date off we dinned at a fancy, upscale restaurant called Clingerdagger. Amazing. The food was devine and even prepared fancy. We got a free dessert because it was our anniverary. The service was perfect. The lighting was romantic. Perfect end to a perfect date. Above is me looking at the menu at Clingerdagger.

I love Dave we have so much fun together. When I am in a bad mood or sad he can always cheer me up. He is such a hard worker and does so much for our little family. He truly cares for me and shows me in the cutest ways that he loves me. These last 3 years have been so wonderful.

August 19, 2008

Black Angus

I think I know how Black Angus got its name. Dave and I went there on a date and order the dinner for 2. You both get a main dish and you share an appetizer and dessert. We ordered the chicken tenders for the appetizer and below is what the server brought out. They were hard, dry and not good.

I could tell she was embarrassed because she immediately said she was going to have the cook make some more. 5 minutes later she brought out more. Below is what they looked like. We stared at them. They look the same.

Here they are side by side.

I was very disappointed. Oh well that will leave more room for the main course. The server brought out our main dish. Both of us got a steak and a "loaded" baked potato with vegetables. I really liked the vegetables. Neither of us really cared for the stake. There was nothing special about it and mine was over cooked and dry. The baked potato was really dry, too. BUT the dessert was good. So, since our experience was not up to par we will not be dinning there, ever. Texas Roadhouse and Outback are far superior in my opinion

August 12, 2008

Pretend Tag

My friend Stephanie was tagged and she did not tag anyone back. So I pretended like she tagged me. And I tag anyone who reads this.

Four Places I go over & over:
1. Wal Mart I go there like everyday
2. Church
3. Kim's house (that was in Rexburg, I just went there all the time that it is still top 4)
4. Doctors

Four Places I like to eat:
1. Mi Amigos
2. Home
3. Texas Roadhouse/Outback
4. Cheesecake Factory

Four Places I would like to be right now:
1. On the beach soakin up the sun
2. AZ
3. Visiting family
4. On a cruise ship

Four TV shows:
1. American Idol
2.Young and The Restless (like Stephanie I like a soap opera, they suck you in)
3. Bachelor/ Bachelorette
4. Any thing on HGTV, Food network, or Travel Channel

Three Joys:
1. David
2. Being pregnant
3. Family

Three Fears:
1. Loosing Dave
2. Having Children go wayward
3. Bees

Three Short-term Goals:
1. Clean Car
2. get ready to move
3. Get a anniversary gift for Dave

Three obsessions:
1. Blogging and reading other blogs
2. Filing my nails
3. Having my eyebrows waxed

Three surprising facts about me:
1. I hate being wet. For example, when a dog licks me, when the floor is wet and I step in it or putting clothes on after a shower without drying off all the way.
2. I talk to myself
3. I don't like to go places alone, like the grocery store, or to get gas, etc. Cause then I talk to myself

August 11, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Dave just spent the last week living out of a hotel room. Luckly me, I was only there for three nights. It makes you appriciate all that you have. By the second day of eating fast food I was sick. I do NOT understand how people can eat that stuff everyday of their life. We went to WinCo (I love that store, it is my favorite grocery store). And bought TV dinners. A step up from fast food. In the hotel there was a microwave. I hope that we don't have to ever do that again. I think that next time we will buy PB and J or plan better. Since this was a spur-of-the-moment thing.

The reason why we did this is because the sales manager decided that he is sick of Spokane. So they moved the office down to the Tri-Cities, WA. With no planning they packed up and left for a week. Dave did plan all that he could with the little time that was given to him. He got the techs free hotel rooms while the sales reps had to pay for theirs. Sad.
Oh and I forgot my camera. That is why we did not take pictures. Also I forgot my scriptures. It is amazing the difference that reading everyday from them makes. I felt lost not being able to read from them. I forgot so many other things that I was so happy to come back home.