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December 26, 2008


Merry Christmas. We had a great, relaxful day. It took us 2 hours to open our presents and we enjoyed every minute. The first family picture attempt was quite the adventure (he was only 9 days old). I was still sore and sitting for long periods of time was uncomfortable. On top of that Carter's diapers leaked all the time. During the picture it was one of those times; he was wet and so was I. The picture turned out pretty good considering.
This is our second time taking a family picture. I think we had a better experience. Carter was fighting going to sleep (he was 16 days old at this one). Notice Dave and I were holding hands, half way through taking the pictures Carter put his hand on ours too. I thought it was so cute.
We got a sign language kit for Christmas. Now Dave and I can teach ourselves and then teach Carter.Baby's first Christmas
Our son likes to sleep with his hands by his head.
Another picture of him sleeping with his hands in the air. Funny little guy.

Daddy and Carter on Christmas day.Mommy and Carter on Christmas.Aunt Alyse and Carter, so cute. My mom and sister came to California to spend Christmas with us.Grandma Sherri and Carter.

December 19, 2008


I finally finished the Twilight series. I could not get through the last book, it got kinda lame. Stephanie spent like 5 chapters on one topic. The topic was repeated over and over. It got old. The story was good but she just spent too long to get to the point. I liked the part were she was trying to find J. Jensen, that was fast moving and she did not dwell on it too long. She did well on the stories. They were entertaining, but kinda love sappy.

I have not seen the movie yet and wonder if it will be as entertaining. If you have seen the movie let me know what you think.

December 17, 2008

Little Boy in Blue

This outfit is a little too big on Carter but he looks like a little boy in it. Of the clothes that he can fit in they all look unisex, so this is one of my favorites. The rest of his clothes don't fit him yet.

I can't believe that he is already 12 days old. I still have to keep telling myself that he is my son and I am his mom. This is all so surreal. But I love it!

December 08, 2008

December 5, 2008

Thursday I was done. I joked to Dave that we were going to have Carter on Saturday, after he got off work. Fast forward to Friday morning at 6:30. "Uhm, I need to turn on the light, is that ok?" I jumped out of bed and I was all wet, so was the bed. "I think that my water broke." We decided that Dave would continue to go to work since he would be done by noon and I would call the doctors when they opened. Then I took a shower and Dave left. I did my make-up and packed a hospital bag.

When I called the doctors they said come in right away and if my water really did break then I would go straight to the hospital. Dave's mom drove me. I was indused, 6 hours later Carter was born. He weighed 6 lbs 5 oz and was 19 inches long.
After the clean-up, all nice and snug.

The proud parents getting ready to take Carter home.

It is amazing how much we love him already. We are so glad he is here.

December 04, 2008

Decorating The Chrismtas Tree

I love Christmas. This year the tree was decorated by Tessa, Mom, and Lesley. I think that it was the fastest I have ever seen a tree decorated. The tree turned our to be so perfect. The theme is red and white. I love it; it looks like one professionally decorated. Go Us!
This one is a black and white with only the red color showing. Aren't camera's amazing.
I like this HoHoHo ornament.Here Dave is practicing his photography. I like the close up of this one.And the final product. Beautiful!

December 03, 2008

Oakland Temple Lights

For family night on Monday when to the temple to see the lights. I really enjoyed them. We were the only ones there. I think that going right after Thanksgiving on Monday was a great idea. It was so peaceful and you could hear the Christmas music playing in the background.

Here is Macade looking at Uncle Dave taking pictures.

This is a cool shot of a palm tree. Looks like fireworks.

I love this picture of Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus.