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January 29, 2009

Funny Little Guy

I was taking pictures of Carter this morning and tried to get him to smile. He did a little bit and I caught the tail end of the only one he did.

This little overal set is my favorite (Thanks to my sister-in-law Demie, she has great taste). It is new born size and it finally fits him perfectly so I took lots of pictures of him in it.
I turned on the flash to see how it would look and this is the face Carter made. It makes me laugh because he looks so scared.
This is also one of the cute clothes that I favor. He is trying to stay awake. I love when Carter sneezes because his limbs fly up in the air and he does at least 4 sneezes. I have been wanting to get it on video and finally I got the tail end of his sneeze attacks.

January 24, 2009

For you Grandma Sherri

This is the video I took today. My mom wants to see videos of Carter so this is what I will be posting the next few posts.

January 17, 2009

New Look

I chopped my hair off
I got really sick of having long hair. It was always tangling. When washing and blow drying my hair it took forever. So, I cut it.

January 14, 2009

Fun Pics and Update

Here is a "little number" (as Kaylinn would say) that was given by Grandma Sherri. Carter was getting fussy so that is why he has a pacifier in his mouth.

Carter basking in the sun. He was really comfortable because he fell asleep while layin' out.

On Monday, January 12, 2009 Carter was weighed... drum roll... 9 lbs 3 oz. Yes, he is a 9 pounder now. This last picture is one of his new born pjs that don't fit him any more. His arms are too long, feet too big and body too long. He has grown a ton.

Blessing Day

I forgot to do a post of Carter's blessing day.

We had the blessing on December 28, 2008. My mom and Alyse were already here visiting for Christmas. My dad, Derek and Demie drove from AZ. Kaylinn came from southern California. My Aunt LeAnn, Uncle Dean and their family came from Los Banos, CA. And of course Dave's parents were already here.
This is my favorite picture of Dave holding Carter. I love that Carter is looking up at his Dad.

This is a picture of all (minus the Bishop) the men in the prayer circle. Left to Right- Derek, Dave, My dad, Mark, and Dave's dad, Jon. Derek and my dad decided to change out of their suits before the pictures.

January 10, 2009

Already 5 weeks old

Carter is getting so big. He can now fit perfectly into his newborn clothes and he has some cute ones. Dave and I were going to do our own "professional" pictures yesterday but our camera batteries ran out of juice. So we had to charge them and we will try to take them today or tomorrow.

Carter is sleeping 6 hours at night, only once though, then it is 4 or 3 hours. I love it now I can get a little more sleep. He still fits perfectly in the newborn diapers. But, he has out grown the only pjs he fit in; now he is onto the 0-3 month pjs. Of course they are a little too big but they will work.

Here is a cute picture of Carter and his Dad

Carter fell asleep by the fireplace and Dave was tired too.

Technical Difficulty

Our laptop is on the verge of dying. There are so many thing wrong with it and we don't think it will last much longer. The screen won't stay up on its own, therefor makes the connection loose. Sometimes we don't have a display on the screen. Other times it completely freezes. Also, the speakers are going out and it is really slow. Sad.
So this is why I have not been able to post.

January 01, 2009


Yesterday was kind of a crazy eating schedule for Carter. Dave and I took him to do some errands. I fed him before we left and he slept the whole time we were out. He was supposed to eat at 1pm, finally I woke him up while we were at Kohl's at 2pm. He ate for 10 minutes then zonked out. I thought, "Kohl's was our last stop I'll feed him the rest at home." When we arrived home it was about 3:50. He ate for another 10 min and was done. To prevent him eating every 2 hours for only 10 mins. I tried to hold him for 3 hours on only 10 mins of eating. He did it but, got really hungry; he resulted to his hand. Here is a cute video we took of it.

Happy New Years!