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February 27, 2009

Long Time

I has been a long time since there has been a post. Carter and I have been in Arizona the past 2 weeks. We just got back to California last night. Here are some of the things that have been happening. I'll have to post pictures later and I'll explain.

  • Carter's schedule is non existent. I know this...he eats every 3-4 hours (I start from when he starts eating no matter how long it takes him to finish) and at night he can go 6-8 hours. I don't care that he is not on the same schedule everyday. His daily schedule depends on when he eats at night. Also I know that he takes a nap in between each feeding. Most of the time he sleeps while I am doing errands. Well some of the time.

  • One of the days we were in AZ we spent some time with my dear Friend Kim and her daughter Audrey. Carter was so tired and would not sleep finally while we were in Micheal's I placed a burp clothe over his eyes and it worked he quickly fell asleep. I was amazed. I tried it again today and it did not work, but I took a picture. It is so funny

  • Our lap top gave out. Dave says that a screw burnt up the motherboard. When I came home last night he showed me that when the motherboard is plugged in it sparks and smokes(it is stinky). My wonderful husband can fix it himself and he found the parts on ebay for half the price. He is amazing! Bonus, he is also going to fix the screen so it can stay up by itself. I love my husband. So this is why I will put the pictures on later.

  • For Carter's 2 month appointment and shots we went right before we left out of town. When the nurse came in the room she said that out of the 4 shots they only had 3 of them and that we would have to come back another day when they got the 4th one in. I thought no big deal I don't have much else to do. Carter is my only child and he is pretty flexible. He received his shots, he screamed, I cried, we left. Yesterday, I called to make an appointment for him to get the last shot. The lady says "Ok tomorrow at 12, please bring his immunization record and the $15 co pay" WHAT!? Another co pay? We aren't even seeing the doctor, just the nurse getting the 1 shot. If I would have known this then I would have not done any of the shots and just waited, I know for next time to ask if they have them all. LAME-O. AND I forgot his immunization record today.

  • Carter is officially 12 pounds even. He is getting so big.

I forgot all of the other things. I will post them another day.

February 05, 2009

Mr Cool

Today Carter is 2 months. Time flies. He is already wanting to try on all of his Dad's stuff. He can't wait to be just like him.Here I was taking pictures of him and noticed that he had the same face in all of them. I think he was fascinated by the camera's blinking light.
Carter is so long. He sleeps in a basinet and his body is almost just as long. We will soon have to put him at the bottom of the pack-n-play.

February 01, 2009

Quote To Live By

Today in Relief Society the lesson was "Women of Joy (not Guilt)". First, don't compare yourself to others. That woman you compare yourself to could have just bought that new dress because her grandma passed away. Take time for yourself. Stop to smell the roses. Break down the guilt. Which brings me to the quote that I fell in love with, "If you don't like it CHANGE IT, If you can't change it CHANGE THE WAY YOU FEEL ABOUT IT." So, if you feel guilty because you ate that bowl of ice cream, change it, well you can't really change it so, change the way you feel about it by doing 50 sit ups.
Ponder this question. Where do I find JOY? I encourage those who read this to write their answer to this question in their journal or somewhere so you can see it often.