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July 31, 2009

Friends Before

My friend Lindsey and I have an amazing story. We met Lindsey and her husband Jared the summer of 2006 in the beautiful state of Colorado. Our husbands worked together that summer, grueling hours and 6 days a week. We became fast friends as we spent a lot of time together. Ended up being that we were in the same ward back in Rexburg and were also visiting teaching companions. Fast forward to 2008. Lindsey and her husband live in Connecticut and we were living in Washington at the time. I text Lindsey telling her that I was pregnant. She texts me back saying that she is too. Holy cow we find out that our due dates are a day apart. Hers December 12 and mine December 13. Fast forward to December 5th, 2008 (Dave and I now in California, other side of the US from them). I text Lindsey telling her that I am in the hospital getting induced because my water broke. She texts back saying that she is having contractions. Couple hours later Carter is born, twenty minutes later Kerrigan is born. Both born a week early. Our babies entered this world 20 minutes apart. They just couldn't leave heaven without one another.

They finally got to meet and here is how it went. (I was going to put a video but I have been trying for 3 days now and it wont upload because it is so big). Kerrigan thought that Carter was hilarious. She was laughing so much. It was adorable.

I found it fascinating that Kerrigan is so dainty and Carter is not. Even at this age you can tell boys from girls.

We did a little photo shoot. I love that Kerrigan has her hand on Carter's shoulder. They are best friends already.

I don't think Carter is that into girls, just wait.Kerrigan is already the cuddling type. She is such a girl.

Lindsey, Kerrigan, Lesley and Carter.

July 12, 2009

Vacationing in the OVEN

Stan (my cousin) and Kayla's wedding. They were married on Thurs. 7/9/09. They are so happy. This is our group family shot. All the people who were at the temple.
Me and my adorable mom. Carter and Grandpa Mark (my dad) celebrating his 51st birthday Sunday. I couldn't get Carter to look at the camera. This was the best shot.
Carter, Uncle Derek and Aunt Demie. How cute.
Aunt Alyse, Grandma Sherri and Carter. We are having so much fun visiting them.
On Friday morning, Carter and I met with Kim and Audrey at the Arizona Natural History Museum in Mesa. We had a lot of fun looking at craters, dinosaur bones, jail cells and outer space stuff.
Here is Carter trying to put the puzzle together.
Carter couldn't quite get it, so Audrey had to help him.

We are having so much fun here in Arizona even though it is extremely hot (112). Carter got heat exhaustion the day of the wedding. He is o.k. now and we are keeping a close watch on it so he doesn't get over heated again.