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September 29, 2009

Cousins Come To Visit

This weekend Tessa and her two cute boys, Macade and Braxton, came to visit. We had such a great time together. Carter loved so much having friends around. I think it was great for him to be around Braxton because Braxton can crawl. Carter learned a lot from him. He is so close to learning. Saturday we went to the Clayton October fest or as Macade would call it the "fair". They had some carinval rides that Macade rode on. Braxton and Carter were too little to ride them. There were also some booths with cute crafts and yummy food. It was a hot day, which made for a short visit.

I love my nephews; I have the cutest. They are so fun and Macade says the funniest things. I got a kick out of him.
Carter and Braxton had so much fun together. Even though Carter is stationary and Braxton is mobile they still had a blast.

On Saturday night we went to the woman's broadcast. Dave had the opportunity to watch all three of the kids and put them to bed. I just wanted to say he is the best. Thanks Dave.

September 21, 2009

Not That Bad

Carter has finally decided that being on his belly is not that bad. He spends quite a bit of time turning and moving backward. There is hope now, that he will crawl. For a while I was beginning to think he would never learn. He is already wanting to stand insted of sit.

September 19, 2009

Monterey Jazz Festival

For Dave's anniversary gift I gave him tickets for the both of us to go to the Monterey Jazz Festival. Yesterday we headed to Monterey, CA. The weather was perfect, no fog, no rain, and was not that cold. Just a light sweater in the evening. When we first arrived we found some food from the venues. We then ate to jazz music, live. We had such a great time there listening to talented people. Here Dave and I are waiting for Esperanza Spalding to preform. She was talented; she could sing, play the double bass and the bass guitar.This is Lizz Wright and her band, they were one of my top performances.

I know that this picture is random but, I really like this fork. Some greenie has come up with this bio-degradable plastic and has made plastic wear out of it. To me it is so fun to play with and tweak. It bends so easy. I was really excited that there were some there so, I could show Dave how cool it is. To my disappointment, he did not think it was a cool as I did.

September 15, 2009

Old Sacramento

On Saturday, Carter, Dave, Mom, Grandma Portlock and I took Amtrak to Sacramento. We departed from Martinez, CA.
Carter and Dave are waiting for the train. Carter is so excited he gets to ride the train. Dave did not want a picture taken of him.
Here we are boarding. Carter kicked Dave out of his seat. I don't think Dave cared because he just wanted to sleep.
Grandma and Mom on the train. While there we took a carriage ride to see the shops and sights of Old Sacramento. It was so fun I have never been on a carriage ride either. Lots of first for me. We had a great time looking at all the things to buy. Grandma and Mom bought some jewelry and hats; Dave and I bought some hats as well. We ate dinner right on the river. I love doing new things, it brings excitment to my life.

September 08, 2009

3 in 1

Yesterday I actually jogged a mile without stopping. I can't even remember the last time I was able to. Before I was pregnant, I was in good shape, but never tried to see how far I could get without stopping. So I am pretty excited I can finally say I can.

This past weekend Trent, Jennifer, Dave and I ventured to San Jose. The Winchester Mystery House is why we went. We rushed out the door so fast we forgot the camera. So, this is the only picture we have and it is just of the brochure.
The mansion was crazy. Mrs Winchester was freakin crazy. Room that were unfinished, doors and stairs that led no where, and windows that you could see other walls. There was no structure to anything. The house would drive me crazy. After the house tour, we went on the "Behind the Scenes" tour. The coolest part of this tour was that we were the only four. It was as if we were on our own private tour. Our guide was a lot more energetic and up beat than the first tour guide. It was perfect to end on our experience on a fun note.


We had to say our goodbyes. Trent left for college today. We are going to miss him. The summer went by so fast and I can't believe is has to end all ready. Good luck in your classes, Trent.

September 05, 2009

9 Months

Carter is 9 months today. How time flies. I have loved every minute of these past 9 months with the little guy.
Some funny things:

  • While sitting, he keeps his legs so straight his ankles are off the ground and he balances. As you can see in this picture.

  • He has only one tooth. 9 months old and has only one tooth. Of which he just got 2 weeks ago. And no signs of anymore anytime soon.

  • He still will NOT stay on his belly for more than 10 seconds.
  • Every time he sees us eating he thinks he has to.
  • I STILL have to wrap him up for naps and bed. He is just too wound up. (This next week we will work on this, I am scared because of last time we tried it)
  • He always has to be holding something. While I am changing his diaper, if he is not holding anything, he contorts his body just so he can grab an object.
  • When he is feeding himself he has to have something in both hands before he will eat one.
  • He knows the sign for milk. When I do the sign he starts to do a little half cry/whimper. This is what he does also when he sees the bottle. I have been doing sign language for awhile, even though he wont do the signs he knows what some of them are.
  • He gets fixated on the TV. When it is on he just stares.
  • He will not sleep in the car. It take a lot of work and total silence for him to nap in the car. At night when it is dark is when he will fall asleep.
  • He love the outdoors. He just get so calm and just looks around at everything.
  • He loves music. When music is playing he gets so excited if it is up beat. He calms down and just listens to the slower music.
  • He is so ticklish. When he is tickled on his belly he will move your hand away.
  • He is still so little. He is still in 6 month clothes. He has always been 2 months behind in the sizes. I have to tell a story before Carter was born. I was exchanging some clothes in the baby section because I wanted to get more newborn sizes (This was three days before he was born). The worker says to me that babies don't ware newborn sizes for very long and it is best to just get 0-3 month, especially boys because they have a fast metabolism. Then she asks how far along I am 6, 7 months. I tell her 9 months. Funny because Carter stayed in his newborn sizes until 2 months. I am glad I did not listen to her.

He just started doing the "pincher fingers." I thought it was so cute to see his little thumb and pointer finger picking up the food.

We love Carter and are so grateful to be his parents. I love being his mom more than anything.

September 04, 2009


While I was in Arizona this last time, back in July, Kim taught me how to redo shoes. We had such a blast but only had time for one shoe. I had the stuff to finish them at home and that is what I did. It just took me 2 months to get around to it. The shoes started off being stripped and are now red polka-dot. Thanks Kim for a fun project.

September 03, 2009

Whats Going On?

Now that I am feeling better, I started exercising again. Before I got sick I was doing the Jillian Micheals workout video Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism. It is a fantastic work out. So great, that I can't even make it through the whole video without dying from exhaustion. I needed a change this time around so, I found another work out from Jillian, No More Trouble Zones. I can make it farther in this video but after 2 days in a row of this I can't even get out of bed my muscles are so sore. I love this work out, she showed me an ab move that I am so in LOVE with. It works the obliques. Gotta try these videos she is a killer.

Carter has been sick the past week. I got sick and then he caught it from me. Poor little guys he wakes himself up with a coughing fit and his nose leaks constantly. He has been really whinny, also. I hope his little body will hurry up and win the battle.

Last night, I was playing SIMS 3, of which I was addicted to. I got to the point where I was just so sick of playing. My characters are boring and they make so much money that they don't advance very quickly. They have all met their life time goals. I am just done with them. If I am going to play again I need a new life.

Now for a little venting. I am on a drug called prednisone. I HATE this medicine, but I LOVE it at the same time. It fixes me so fast that is why I love it. Why I hate it, it messes with my brain. I feel like I am hungry ALL the time. Feeling full takes forever. I have not learned yet how to counter act this. So while on this medicine I gain weight and it is slowly. Because I don't realize how much I have eaten (I think this is how it works, if this makes sense at all). So this time around I am trying to be extra careful to beat this. I still feel like I am gaining and not loosing. Each day I have to constantly tell myself that is enough. To be honest I don't think that I have gotten my portion sizes corrected from the first time I was put on this drug. I hate this part. I feel like I am trying but at the end of the day when I evaluate what I ate and how much it seems like so much.

Flaw. Thank you cards. I really want to work on this. I have noticed my mother in law is flawless at this. It makes me want to do better. She write thank you cards for everything. I just need to buy a whole bunch so I have them around and it will be easier to send. I really am thankful for everything people do for me, I just am not that good at the thank you card. So this is a new year goal starting NOW.