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ANNIVERSARY: August 20. BIRTHDAYS: May 18/ November 14/ December 5/ July 15.

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

We went to go see Santa yesterday. This was the result. I knew he was not going to like it he wont even go to my grandpa.

While we were in line, he wanted to get down. I didn't see any harm in this so, we put him down. The next thing I know he is whining. We pick him up and he was soaking wet. Believe it or not it was pretty cold yesterday, 58 for the high, and we were in the shade. His pants were wet and cold. My mom decided that she would see if she could go buy him a cheap pair of pants. She went into Gymboree, because it was the closest. All the pants there were over $20. She found one for $10 but they were orange. So, she went to Dillards. Can you believe that Dillards is cheaper than Gymboree? She got them just in time, Carter was the next one in line.

December 15, 2009

One Year Pictures

My cousin Annie took Carter's one year photos and they turned out fabulous.
These are some of my favorite. We took family pictures as well but we are sending them out with our Christmas letter so I don't want to ruin the surprize.

December 13, 2009

So Sad, Too Little

On Thursday, Carter had his 1 year well child check up. He received more shots. I even decided to give him the flu shot and the H1N1. It was free why not and the doctor recommended it. So what the heck. Couldn't hurt. He is not walking yet but, he is close, well so they say. I think he will take a couple more months. He stands on his own for long periods of time and he squats. He still won't sign anything, I kinda think he does "all done" but, it is the same for bye bye. He is just stubborn.

He is also a spaze. He gets so excited he can't handle it. So, he tightens all his muscles and shakes and sometimes he squeals/screams.

What I really wanted to talk about was the fact that he is 29 3/4 inches and only weighs 19 lbs and 12.5 oz. Holy Moly, he is such a little guy. I feed him all the time too (well seems like it). Poor Carter he still has to be rear facing in the car seat. A couple more weeks then we will switch it... maybe. I am not sure that the car seat we have now will switch or if it is only for the rear facing.

This picture is of Carter at his baby blessing he is about 4 weeks old. He is so little. I was just reminiscing.

December 05, 2009

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Carter!

Carter woke up this morning to his birthday quilt, made with love by his Aunt Kaylinn. He got to open those gifts first. He was not sure about how to do it, by with help he was able to tear the paper off.

Carter LOVES the fish cracker so I made his cake to look like it. He was not sure he wanted to eat it. (Carter was teething today, that is why his cheeks are so red, he did not eat much and was really cranky, sad that it had to be on his birthday). Don't you just love his new look. He already wants facial hair (I think that it looks like he has a go-tee).

Now, he is opening his other gifts from Dad, Mom, and the rest of the family. He was side tracked when he opened the toys. He had to play with them. Good thing he likes them though. He did not open all of the gifts. That is ok he can open the rest tomorrow.

I can't believe that my baby is a year old now. Is he still considered a baby? I don't know but, to me he will always be my precious baby boy, so innocent and meek. As I was contemplating this morning when it was just me and Carter awake, I was remembering the morning of December 5, 2008. My water broke around 5:50 am and I had NO idea that Carter would be born that day. I did not even start labor on my own. Oh how life changes so quickly, I still had a week to prepare before he was supposed to enter the world. As I held him for the first time, my heart was filled with love and gratitude. I am so thankful that he came on December 5. A perfect day for a perfect child. I love Carter more each day and it is so fun to watch him learn new things.

December 02, 2009

Hurry Hurry

One night (November 23), I was making dinner and dropped the bag of frozen peas on the floor. I was frantically trying to get what I was doing done so, I just decided to pick them up when I was finished. Mean while, Carter started playing with the bag. It kept him entertained and there was no harm in this so, I just let him. Next thing I know the peas are all over the floor. I look over and Carter is trying to eat them as fast as he can, shoveling them in his mouth. I laughed so hard and had to get the camera. Then I cleaned them up.

I am trying to catch up with all the November posts I did not do. Please bare with me.