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January 31, 2010

It Starts

Today I went to church as a single mother, Dave is sick and I made him stay home to rest. Sacrament meeting was not bad, I was able to keep Carter occupied, quiet and in one place. After an hour of not being able to explore, move or talk, Carter was done. We took a break in between the meetings hoping that that would suffice. It only made it worse. Carter and I sat in Sunday School and before the prayer was even said Carter was down the isle. I went to get him and tried to devert his attention, but it only made him want the freedom even more. He started talking extemely loud and trying to get away. After all the looks of "just take your child out!", we left and never returned. We were not the only ones out in the foyer, there were 6 others. All with children pre-nursery. Relief Society came and I really wanted to go and listen. I think those days are over. We made it through the practice hymn, while Carter was looking at a book. His attention was quickly diverted to the people around. We ended in the hall way. I met a couple more moms, learned how to convert our Wii, and made plans to get together with some of them.

Carter is doing better at learning to walk. Sometimes he starts to show off and be silly. There is a little of that on the video.

January 21, 2010

Baby Signing Time

For the longest time we have been teaching Carter to sign. Last year we got for Christmas Hooked on Baby Learn to Sign, "Baby Signing Time". Happy to say he is finally catching on. In this video, Carter is doing dog and then fish. While he is doing fish he gets distracted so he does not do the last one that I say. To sign dog you pat your leg or pat and snap. To sign fish you move your hand as if your hand was the fish swimming back and forth. Carter swings his whole arm in the motion.

He knows how to do "all done or finished" and diaper. Sometimes he lets me know when it is time for his diaper to be changed. He almost has mom, dad and cat. We are still working on eat, milk, water, juice, banana and more.

Fun story. This was before I really knew. Carter and I were at the park. He hears some dogs barking. He stops what he is doing and does the sign for dog. He even knows the dogs' bark.

January 10, 2010

Over the Holidays

This holiday season was busy. I helped plan a family reunion. We celebrated Christmas and New Years, flew to CA, and went to Trent and Jennifer's wedding.
We took family pictures. I made this Christmas bell pie.We had a Christmas gift exchange for the relief society. This picture frame is what I made for it.
Christmas was splendid. We opened gift with the Allen's and then had a Christmas feast together. Carter did a little better with the opening part but, still didn't really care to. He loves his new toys though. Derek and Demie had their dog over and Carter is afraid of it so, he was a bit clingy.
The day after Christmas was the family reunion. It was quit hectic but, we planned it that way, because it would be easier for everyone to attend. We had a great time. We had a pine wood derby, Olympic type games, yummy food, made some crafts(just the women) and lots of laughs. We also visited my grandpa's grave (since one of the days was the anniversary of his passing). Sorry I never took any pictures.

Then the day after, we flew to California. We had such a great time. Kaylinn and I planned an "Amazing Race" for the family. Probably the best activity that I have ever done and I was not even a contestant. We had such a blast that we are planning to do another one the next time we all get together. One of my favorite parts was, I was at the park with the 3 kids waiting for the teams to pick up "their little teammate". Their were other people playing at the park. When the teams came, they were crazily running, grabbed the child and took off. Those people probably thought we were psycho. Another fun game we played was "The Newly Wed" game. Kaylinn made all the questions and we played it just like the TV show. We had lots of laughs.
Me, Kaylinn, and Mom all at Trent's wedding, watching them take pictures. The wind was blowing so our hair is a little out of place but, I liked this picture of the 3 of us.

Here is a tribute to Trent and Jennifer. Congratulations on your marriage and welcome to the family Jennifer. We love you both
We are so grateful for our family we love them all.