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March 11, 2010

A Craft I Like

A new craft that I have really come to like making is these travel diaper wipe holders. I think they are so cute. This fabric that I found, I just fell in love with and I decided to make me one as well (even though I already have one). This first picture is of the back. The second picture is of the front.

March 07, 2010


Dave and I went snowboarding yesterday. We had such a blast. Dave attempted to do a 180 but did not land it. I was extremely cautious because this was the first time I have been since I crashed and tore my ACL. That was 5 years ago before we were married. Some parts hurt my knee but after awhile it got use to it.
The ski resort in AZ has had so much snow, probably the most that I can ever remember.

March 03, 2010

Disneyland 2010

Warning: I have lots to up date.
2 weekends ago we drove to Southern California. Kaylinn and Mark invited us to visit them and go to Disneyland one last time before they closed that chapter of their lives. I love Disneyland, it is such a magical place. I love especially when you can just go and enjoy the park. As a kid, whenever we went it seemed as though we never had enough time to go on all the rides and see everything. Having Carter with us we chose to only do things that a little child could do. We first got there and did California Adventure. The Monsters Inc., ride, Carter liked it until Roz appeared at the end. Next was one of my favorites, Toy Story Mania. Kaylinn of course got the highest score of the day. She is amazingly good. Lunch was next, Carter dropped some of his sandwich on the ground and the birds came and ate it. I think that was his favorite part of the day, because he kept dropping his sandwich and signing bird.
After lunch, we went to "The Park". First it was Pirates, and then moseyed along to the petting area (of which I never knew existed).Surprisingly, he went right up to the animals and pet them. I thought he would be afraid of them. We are standing in line for Pirates and Carter just wanted to run around. That is why Dave put him on his shoulders.

Carter and Aunt Kaylinn enjoying Disneyland.
We had such a fabulous time visiting Kaylinn and Mark. We love being with them.

Last Minute Extended Vacation

Since we were just 6 more hours from Dave's mom, we decided that it was a must. One of the most therapeutic vacations. Not only was Grandma there but so was Trent and Jennifer. Dave was able to help his mom with stuff around the house. He sawed holes in the wall and wired a new outlet for an indoor fountain, with a cool timer on and off switch. He also hid the TV wires in the master bedroom.

Carter had so much fun playing with Grandma.

Most of the days were wet and rainy. Carter noticed that it was sunny outside and tried to put his shoes on.

Any moment that he could he would be out there in a flash. One of the times he did not want to come in. Dave then left him out there. He had so much fun playing with us through the glass door, making faces, pounding our hands and giggling.

At night it was chilly and rainy. We were so lucky to be able to have a fire. I love curling up with a blanket and having a crackling fire in the background.

We found a snake trying to seek shelter in the bathroom.

Adventures are always happening being married to Dave. One of the nights Dave cooked dinner, then got in the cleaning mood and cleaned the whole house.
Picture Below: The wood is a ladle for dishing honey. The ladle had crystallized honey on it. The honey container was in the sink waiting to be washed. In the sink it was placed inside the 1 cup measuring cup. While cleaning, Dave put the whole thing in the microwave to melt the honey and then went back to cleaning. Next the ladle is on fire and smoke is filling the kitchen. I tried so hard not to laugh because Dave felt really bad. The next day Dave's mom found out and started to laugh. Poor Dave, we were both laughing hysterically.