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May 05, 2010


Carter was playing in the garage and one of the weights fell over and landed on his ankle/foot. It looks worse than it really is because he never acts like it hurts. The same day he was able to walk without limping. Putting shoes on he never flinches. He never complains about. I am glad it didn't break his foot. Hard to tell in the picture but, it is so black and blue and a little swollen.

May 03, 2010

All Most There

In about a month, Carter will be going to nursery. We have 4 more Sundays. (Minus one Sunday, they are canceling church meetings for the dedication of the new AZ temple). I was so excited to have a peaceful Relief Society meeting again, where I could feel the spirit of the lesson, learn something to better myself and enjoy the company of the other women in our ward, CHILD FREE.
A couple Sundays ago Dave and I got phone call to meet with one of the counselors. Great! a new calling, right now we are on the activities committee, super fun calling, love it. We go in and he is making small talk, how are you? how is job hunting going? You have a little one entering in nursery soon, right? That is when we were called to NURSERY. Nursery, this is our third time since being married. How long have we been married? Not even 5 years. I thought we were going to do the nursery thing normally. "Carter this is your first Sunday at nursery, have fun, see you at the end of church, love you bye." Instead, he gets to be in nursery early and we are there. Now in our ward there are 3 nursery classes split by age. Which I love. We asked not to be the teachers of his class so he could get the full effect of nursery, and I think it would be better for him and the other kids all around. So right now, for the next four Sundays, he is in the 2-3 year old nursery class, I hope the real transition to nursery will be ok and he wont be confused.

And we are still on the activities committee.