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September 06, 2010

Phoenix To Flagstaff

Back to the 2 years post. I forgot to mention that Dave's Truck was at my parents house for two years just sitting there. NEVER DRIVEN. Part of the preparation to move was getting the truck back in working condition. Dave changed the oil, replaced the spark plugs, and got a new battery. It ran fine. We strapped a Uhaul trailer to the back and loaded it up. Both the Uhaul and the back of the truck were packed to the max.
Traveling up hill at 6% grade to over 7,000 ft was a bit much. Right before we got to Flagstaff (he was at the Flagstaff airport) Dave's truck just died, just stopped, just like that.
So I called up Lindsey and Jared, because Lindsey's parents live there and they are staying with them. I asked if we could come by and drop off our trailer that my dad was pulling so my dad could go tow Dave's truck and the Uhaul to Lindsey's and we would figure out what to do next. We decided to just trade in the trailer Uhaul for one of the trucks. After we unloaded Dave's truck and the trailer into the truck and 4 hours later, we were on our way again.
Good thing we have friends in Flag who were willing to lend a hand. They were so kind to let us store the truck there. And I was so excited that I could see their new little boy and Carter and Kerrigan could play together again. (that is the real reason the truck broke in Flag hahaha)