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October 06, 2010

Every Moment

Awhile ago, I came across a blog of a family in Idaho. Their little girl is about Carter's age. Although it is not totally clear what happened, I gathered that their little girl fell into a canal and floated down then was pulled out by a local farmer who happened to know CPR. Yesterday I found out that their little girl pass away. I just cried, thinking about Carter and how strong they have been. How grateful I am for my little boy. Yesterday and today, I have been trying to enjoy every moment I have with Carter. Every diaper change, every battle with his picky eating, every time he does not nap, every time he sing E-I-E-I-O, every moment I have been trying to cherish more and more. Here is their blog if you want to read. Patrickandashley.blogspot.com. I love Carter so much and I am so grateful for every moment.

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Stephanie said...

Thank you for that, I cried my eyes out too. We are so truely lucky to have our little ones.