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October 18, 2010

Jackson Hole and Grand Teton

My dad was kind enough to fix Dave's truck and then drive it up here. My mom and Grandma decided to make a vacation out of it, since my mom had off work for a week. We had a great time together. We went to Jackson Hole, Grand Teton/Jenny Lake, and Blackfoot. We went to Blackfoot to see my Grandma's house she grew up in. It had change for the worst. The new owners had trashed it. Grandma was sad. After we went to Blackfoot, we stopped in Shelley, ID to look at Hidden Treasures. We were looking for decorating ideas for the living room. I had no idea what colors or style and no direction. I did not really see anything that I loved, just some things that I like, but not enough to spend money on.
These two are at Jenny Lake.
This is also at Jenny Lake
This is at Jackson Hole under the antler arch. The sweater we had to buy while we were there because it was colder than we thought. It was to big for Carter, when he walked the sleeves would fall down, he ended up walking with his arms up. I thought it was pretty good problems solving.

This cat became fond of Carter and hung around for a couple days. We fed the cat some milk, Carter enjoyed watching it drink.

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karen and co. said...

Love the close up pic of him at the lake. Too cute!

The Ross Family said...

sounds like a great little get away. And little carter is just getting cuter and cuter!