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October 25, 2010

Our Home

This is our kitchen. I have chosen the colors black, white, tan and green as the accent color.This is in the "dinning area" (just where our table is). I made the photo board.
This is the other side of the "dinning area."

We live in a town home. This one is our home. We have a huge grassy area in the back, that will soon have a snow covering.Our living room/family room is a work in progress (I guess all the rooms still are). I'll post another picture when I get the blank wall finished.
The wall arts are the inspiration of color in the room. I love them. It took a lot of searching for me to find something that I loved.
I really wanted the furniture to be dark brown and the picture frames as so forth, because the furniture in the kitchen is black. I did not like the idea of mixing brown and black. In this room that is what is happening, brown and black are coming together. I think I am actually liking it. Any input from someone who knows what they are doing?

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Anonymous said...

are those the boo letters in the last picture. did you ever put any paper on them?
i like the dining area.


Amy said...

So fun!! I was just thinking a few minutes ago that I needed to visit you! Soon. Very soon.

Amy said...

LOL! So, I was looking at the side of your blog where you have your likes and dislikes listed. I read the dislikes, then I looked up a few lines and I read under likes: jumping eachother. LOL!Then I realized they were seperated by a comma.

Lindsey said...

Looks great!!!! When are you coming to visit. There is a store called Graples here that I hear is way cheap and has awesome stuff!

I am so jealous you are already decorating...but I guess that is how quick it happens when all your stuff isn't destroyed in the move : )

Kyra and Ben said...

Love your home. Cute kitchen and dining area! We bought a town home in Rexburg our last year there and had hoped to sell it but we're pretty much like everyone else now who just rents it out. Isn't it so much nicer not live an apartment?!

Kaylinn said...

All I know is you have WAY more CUTE things on your walls in these few pictures then I do in my WHOLE HOUSE! Very cute!