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December 05, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Carter!

I can't believe that Carter is 3. He is growing up so fast.

We had an eventful day today. We had 2 Cars parties. The first one was with some of his friends. I chose to do an all boy party partly because the theme was boyish. Carter had 6 friends over: Thomas, Stetson, Howie, Tate, Tanner, and Dallin.
Here is Carter with Thomas opening presents. We had a blast. The boys made license plates, played on the mini bounce house, thank you to Dallin for letting us borrow it,
they played pin the lightening bolt to McQueen. The boys loved it, Howie liked it so much he did 3 more lightening bolts after his one.

Here is Carter smiling (this is the only picture I could get him to smile in). Howie is in the background. Everything went so fast and I don't think that I was all there. I forgot so many things (as you can tell I forgot to comb his hair), I even forgot to get a group picture, I remembered after everyone left. SAD
In the evening we had a family party. I love this picture, it captured his excitement. Carter was pretty worn out, hopefully he will take a long nap tomorrow.
This is the Lightening McQueen cake, it turned out better than I imagined. The frosting was hard to work with, it was so runny after adding the food coloring. I even learned my lesson when adding food coloring, add a little at a time, not a whole bunch first. The frosting tasted horrible because I added too much food coloring. We had a fun day.
Dave and I love Carter so much and are grateful he is part of our family. Carter is such a joy!

October 23, 2011

Faith is knowing the sun will rise, lighting each new day.
Faith is knowing the Lord will hear my prayers each time I pray.
Faith is like a little seed, if planted it will grow.
Faith is a swelling within my heart, when I do right I know.

Scripture Power
Because I want to be like the Savior and I can
I am reading His instructions, I'm following His plan
Because I want the power His word will give to me,
I am changing how I live, I am changing what I'll be
Scripture Power keeps me safe from sin
Scripture Power is the power to win
Scripture Power! Everyday I need
The power that I get each time I read.

~We just had our Primary Program in church today, the kids did awesome!
Every time we sang the songs I was so touched. The words to the songs are so simple yet so powerful. I am so grateful for a knowledge of the Gospel. The Primary is such a great program for the young children, I love my calling.

~I am so excited to see Carter in Primary. Those little sunbeams are so cute (I just may be partial to them since we taught them in nursery last year).

~One of the kids in my class is SO funny, he makes me laugh on more than one occasion. Today in class we were talking about honesty. He raises his hand and relays a story of when he was younger his older brother (background he comes from a family of 5 boys) did something bad and he got blamed for it. One of the other kids asked him which brother it was. He replies "the blonde one". Hahaha, I try not to laugh at the things they say, but that was so funny.

August 25, 2011


Carter is following in his dad's footsteps.

August 18, 2011

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

My sister had the day off today and she wanted to make these. Something that will take practice to make it prefect looking. This recipe we got off Pinterest. It was SOOOO yummy.Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. A fantastic combination.
We also had another Haboob. This one was not as bad.

August 17, 2011


For the Wright family reunion we are planning family pictures. We decided on white shirts with red ties for the guys and red shirts for the girls and everyone in jeans. It is hard to find anything for boys. So we decided that making the ties for the boys would be the best alternative.
I liked the way turned out, better than I thought.

August 15, 2011


Last time I had my hair highlighted was when TeNeal did it back in November. The regrowth was ugly and I was embarrassed. I needed to do something about it. My mom colors her hair and she had an extra bottle of dye, the color was light blonde. Great! I kinda wanted to go lighter, so on Saturday I used it. 30 minutes later my hair was SOOOO dark, it was not light blonde at all. To top it off, my hair had an ugly red tint to it, so red. It was like a burnt dark red, not that pretty red that most redheads have, it was horrible. So I went to Sally's and asked the w0rker there what to do. She suggested I use a color lifter. So she helped me pick out the color to use. Natural blonde, but it was a color lifter to lighten hair. Saturday night I dyed my hair again. It lifted the color all right. But left the RED color. (Sorry no pictures of this all, I was too worried about the family reunion that is in less than a week and we are going to take family pictures and my hair is RED). Now, I have a light strawberry blonde hair, eek. It was 11 pm and church is at 8am, I have to get up at 6 am. Monday, I try again. This time I called my friend Keryenne and she gave me suggestions on what to do to fix it. She said to use a color that had Ash in it, like ash blonde or light ash blonde. I go to Sally's, again, and choose the light ash blonde, but a color lifter so it will take the red out.
It worrrrrked, OH YA. The red is not completely gone but not nearly as bad. I actually like it, not love it, but like.
It looks more golden. I could probably do the last step again but, my hair needs a break or it will break, hahaha.

August 10, 2011

Pinewood Derby

For an Elder's Quorum activity they held a Pinewood Derby contest. With being the macho men that they are they had VERY few rules. 1. Car cannot weight over a pound and a half 2. Nothing can stick out of the front of the car to make it longer. It was considered an Out-Law race.
Dave, being the Engineer that he is, found this design who was selling the template through paypal. However, he chose to simply duplicate the design - art, woodwork and all - with some stellar modifications to the wheels which I'll get to in just a bit. Looks pretty sweet. Then we went over to my Grandpa's to use his tools to cut it out.

The car was pretty stickin fast. Look at it, it just looks like it would smoke every car. Props go to cdubya1971 

The car ended up winning EVERY round mostly because Dave did some engineering research and found micro-bearings for the wheels instead of nails. The car was undefeated. It won this cool trophy and bragging rights for the next year until their next race. Some of the guys added extra items to their car to make it even heavier. One guy added bulletts, just duck taped them to the top. One guy added a jack hammer chisel to the top with tape, the back end was super long. The Cox's did a wii remote and a banana, they were pretty awesome.

Really, we have a good time and it was a great idea for an activity, one thing I love about the Summerfield Ward is they have so many activities.

August 07, 2011


Haboob (Arabic for "strong wind) is a type of intense dust-storm commonly observed in arid regions throughout the world. They have been observed in the Sahara desert, as well as across the Arabian Peninsula, throughout Kuwait, and in the most arid regions of Iraq. (according to wikipedia)

We had our own Haboob here in Arizona on July 5, 2011.
The mile-high dust storm moved between speeds of 50 and 60 mph and appeared to be nearly 100 miles wide, according to the Weather Service’s radar.
These are pictures right out the front door, that I took.The dust-storm was about 50 miles wide and came in a matter of seconds.
We were able to see it just engulf us. It came from every side.
Here it comes. AHHH!!!
We are in the middle of it. Completely daylight, but the dust is so thick you can't see down the street.

August 03, 2011

8 Weeks to a Better You

I am doing this contest 8 weeks to a better you, here is the website just in case you want to check it out, www.8weekstoabetteryou.blog​spot.com.

One of the step is to write in a journal, blogging counts. Hurray, because I am already tired of writing in my journal and it is only the third week.

Basically, I will be blogging more. Now, what to blog about is the question. I don't like to put too personal of information or what I am really thinking. So this post will be about the 8 weeks to a better you contest/program.

I am really glad that I committed to do this. I feel so much better spiritually, physically and mentally. Physically I work out for 45 minutes or longer no matter what, where as before on some days I would get bored and just do 30 minutes. Physically I am eating healthier, now I am trying to not too strict on this one, I just make sure I make better choices of what I eat and I drink 64 oz of water a day. For example, at Paradise Bakery they give you a free cookie, instead of eating the cookie I ate a granola bar. Spiritually and mentally I read uplifting material, do an act of service for someone and write in my journal or blog. :)

I suggest trying it out. Let me know what you think if your do.

July 31, 2011

So Far This Summer

We Started off moving a little over 900 miles, after packing our stuff up.Rexburg decided to remind us why we were moving (only I secretly love when it snows, so pretty). We received our last snow fall the day we left. We left Idaho on 4-14-11
I had to have Carter wear his suit as much as I could because AZ is just too hot for him to wear a suit. He looks like such a stud.
We had Easter at my parents house. The Easter bunny hid Carter's basket in the dryer, since he loves to "help" with laundry. We decided to make the baskets centered around Christ so our children NEVER lose sight of why we celebrate Easter. A book of Christ and a lamb, the lamb because it reminds us that Jesus is our Shepherd.
Since my parents don't have a pool in their backyard we got a kiddie pool. The summer is long and hot here in AZ. Everyday we spend trying to keep ourselves cool. The parks are out of the question, most of the out door activities are non-existent. Carter was able to have a couple friends come over and play in the pool. Kent and Stetson both came to play and then played inside once the sun got too vicious.
June 10, 2011 we made a bird feeder out of the pine cone Carter brought back from Fathers and Sons Camp Out. He had fun making it. The birds didn't ever eat the seeds (I don't know what we did wrong). The seeds ended up getting blown off by the dust storm. I feel bad that Carter did not get to see the birds eat the seeds.
June 29, 2011 Dave, Carter, Shane, Carissa (Shane's girl friend) and me went to the Phoenix Zoo. We had to get there early because it was so hot. We started at the end of the zoo with the least amount of shade, then moved to the part of the zoo with more shade. It was not too bad until the last 30-45 minutes that we were there. Carter's cheeks were so red. Poor guy.
Shane and Carissa by the Giraffe exhibit. They were at the end of our zoo experience, we left right after this around noon.
Carter and Dave by the rhinos. Carter used to love to say rhino, it was one of the first animals that he could say. Of course they have to be in the shade for the picture, hahaha.
Our family at the zoo, sportin' our shades.
This is another way to stay cool here in the Valley of the Sun. ICE CREAM. Carter's favorite.
My mom's friend from work has a little grandson a couple months older than Carter. Both of them wanted to get together Jaden and Carter to play at Chuck E. Cheese. They both had a blast playing games.
Carter with Chuck E.
July 1st we were able to meet up with Lindsey, Kerrigan and Tucker for some swimming. Really it was just Carter and Kerrigan that went swimming in the play pool. Tucker crawled around Lindsey and I chatted and took pictures.
2 year olds are the hardest to take pictures of, two 2 year olds are even harder, but two 2 year olds playing, oh my...
They had a blast playing together. After they played a tiny bit inside. I am pretty sure it was Kerrigan that potty trained Carter. She showed him how it was done (good thing they are 2) and Carter had no problem after that. Well a little bit of problems, he wont go poop in the toilet and has a hard time telling other that he has to go. He has had an accident in Nursery and 2 in the kids care at the gym and has only done one BM in the toilet.

June 15, 2011


Carter is trying to do the thumbs up sign. He gets it and we all say "cool dude". But, the times he tries doesn't go so well...

He is just trying so hard to keep his fingers to stay down and then out his thumb up...And then we take a picture just at the most opportune time... I wish I could think of something witty, but I am not a funny person, so just insert your comment here______________. Hahaha

June 07, 2011

More Like a Journal Entry

Well we made it to Arizona, along time ago actually.

  • Dave turned the big 3-0. I wanted to make it a big deal and throw a party. But the party was a flop. I learned from this to do actual invitations; I did invitations on a social network, because they are a big hit right now, but apparently it didn't work for me. Of the people I invited only one ended up getting the invitation the rest I text the day before to see if they were coming, by then no one could. Only 3 were able to come. I feel really bad that there wasn't a lot of people there, but we still had fun.

  • Dave started Wright's Pool Service here in Arizona. He bought 20 pools and has 3 new customers already and it has only been a month. He is so creative, he designed the logo all on his own. Sample to the right.

  • We are living with my parents currently, with our belongings in the garage. I can't find the boxes I packed most my clothes in, so I am forced to wear the same thing over and over. Now it is getting too hot to go searching for them. Sad. I guess I didn't care too much to get then before it was too hot.

  • Carter had a hard time with the move here. He did not want to go to nursery at kept say "home, home" while pulling on my shirt. It took 3 Sundays for him to finally go to nursery by himself and to quit asking me to go home. That was the hardest for me about the move.

  • We took Carter out of the crib, he sleeps in a big kid bed now. He does fantastic with it. I thought he would be done taking naps but I think he does better with taking them. It only took one night of him trying to come out for him to get that he still has to stay in bed.

  • Carter and I tried potty training yesterday and this morning. After pulling out my hair yesterday and being on my knees at night, it took an hour and a half today to realize that Carter is just not ready. He would sit on the toilet but would not go pee until the underwear was on. We will try again in a month or two.

  • Carter is so smart he can count to 12 all by himself and to 29 with a little help. He knows his colors and the letters A and O and the circle shape. I need to focus now more on the letters now. Most importantly he know that Heavenly Father and Jesus love him. Last Sunday in Church he said, "Heavenly Father loves me." It touched me. He loves to sing the primary songs and almost know all the words to Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam.

  • Carter has such an attitude and is very stubborn. He loves to be the center of attention and loves to copy his Daddy.

That is all that is going on so far. I forget to take pictures when we go do fun things, partly because most of the time we are rushing out the door.

April 08, 2011


Carter made friends with Jace and Tallie at the kids world day care. They all get so excited to see each other. Carter can say their names and has a blast playing with them.It is so hard to take pictures of a two year old, but 3 two year olds, lets just say we took a ton. For this one Carter was throwing a fit, Tallie and jace were wondering what his deal was.
Jace and Carter playing cars together.
Every time I think of how we are moving soon and Carter wont ever see his friends again my heart breaks. Carter has no idea, I told Carter to tell them bye, but he did not understand that it isn't until next time mommy works out it is, probably forever.

March 24, 2011

Trying to Pretend

After a week of warm weather most of the snow melted. Too bad the whole week it was warm we were sick. Sunday we started feeling better. With a little bit of cabin fever, Dave took Carter out to ride his motor bike. When I went out there it was sprinkling and windy and a bit chilly. We did not stay out that long. We tried to think it was warm.Carter had fun and Dave made fun of me for a couple days for it "being too cold".

March 23, 2011

The Craze

After a long winter and taking Carter to Arctic Circle at least once a week, to get out of the house and because it was free, I discovered The Craze. The Craze is an indoor play area with lazer tag, arcade games, food and a play place for kids. Three and under are free. I can't believe I just now found out about this place.They had a mini air hockey, so cute. Carter loved playing with daddy.They had tunnels with slides. Carter went down multiple times.

Here is Carter in one of the tunnel.
Air hockey is one of my favorite arcade games. Here is a video of Carter getting the hang of it.
The other video Carter is on a horse, we had one extra token.