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June 15, 2011


Carter is trying to do the thumbs up sign. He gets it and we all say "cool dude". But, the times he tries doesn't go so well...

He is just trying so hard to keep his fingers to stay down and then out his thumb up...And then we take a picture just at the most opportune time... I wish I could think of something witty, but I am not a funny person, so just insert your comment here______________. Hahaha

June 07, 2011

More Like a Journal Entry

Well we made it to Arizona, along time ago actually.

  • Dave turned the big 3-0. I wanted to make it a big deal and throw a party. But the party was a flop. I learned from this to do actual invitations; I did invitations on a social network, because they are a big hit right now, but apparently it didn't work for me. Of the people I invited only one ended up getting the invitation the rest I text the day before to see if they were coming, by then no one could. Only 3 were able to come. I feel really bad that there wasn't a lot of people there, but we still had fun.

  • Dave started Wright's Pool Service here in Arizona. He bought 20 pools and has 3 new customers already and it has only been a month. He is so creative, he designed the logo all on his own. Sample to the right.

  • We are living with my parents currently, with our belongings in the garage. I can't find the boxes I packed most my clothes in, so I am forced to wear the same thing over and over. Now it is getting too hot to go searching for them. Sad. I guess I didn't care too much to get then before it was too hot.

  • Carter had a hard time with the move here. He did not want to go to nursery at kept say "home, home" while pulling on my shirt. It took 3 Sundays for him to finally go to nursery by himself and to quit asking me to go home. That was the hardest for me about the move.

  • We took Carter out of the crib, he sleeps in a big kid bed now. He does fantastic with it. I thought he would be done taking naps but I think he does better with taking them. It only took one night of him trying to come out for him to get that he still has to stay in bed.

  • Carter and I tried potty training yesterday and this morning. After pulling out my hair yesterday and being on my knees at night, it took an hour and a half today to realize that Carter is just not ready. He would sit on the toilet but would not go pee until the underwear was on. We will try again in a month or two.

  • Carter is so smart he can count to 12 all by himself and to 29 with a little help. He knows his colors and the letters A and O and the circle shape. I need to focus now more on the letters now. Most importantly he know that Heavenly Father and Jesus love him. Last Sunday in Church he said, "Heavenly Father loves me." It touched me. He loves to sing the primary songs and almost know all the words to Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam.

  • Carter has such an attitude and is very stubborn. He loves to be the center of attention and loves to copy his Daddy.

That is all that is going on so far. I forget to take pictures when we go do fun things, partly because most of the time we are rushing out the door.