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July 31, 2011

So Far This Summer

We Started off moving a little over 900 miles, after packing our stuff up.Rexburg decided to remind us why we were moving (only I secretly love when it snows, so pretty). We received our last snow fall the day we left. We left Idaho on 4-14-11
I had to have Carter wear his suit as much as I could because AZ is just too hot for him to wear a suit. He looks like such a stud.
We had Easter at my parents house. The Easter bunny hid Carter's basket in the dryer, since he loves to "help" with laundry. We decided to make the baskets centered around Christ so our children NEVER lose sight of why we celebrate Easter. A book of Christ and a lamb, the lamb because it reminds us that Jesus is our Shepherd.
Since my parents don't have a pool in their backyard we got a kiddie pool. The summer is long and hot here in AZ. Everyday we spend trying to keep ourselves cool. The parks are out of the question, most of the out door activities are non-existent. Carter was able to have a couple friends come over and play in the pool. Kent and Stetson both came to play and then played inside once the sun got too vicious.
June 10, 2011 we made a bird feeder out of the pine cone Carter brought back from Fathers and Sons Camp Out. He had fun making it. The birds didn't ever eat the seeds (I don't know what we did wrong). The seeds ended up getting blown off by the dust storm. I feel bad that Carter did not get to see the birds eat the seeds.
June 29, 2011 Dave, Carter, Shane, Carissa (Shane's girl friend) and me went to the Phoenix Zoo. We had to get there early because it was so hot. We started at the end of the zoo with the least amount of shade, then moved to the part of the zoo with more shade. It was not too bad until the last 30-45 minutes that we were there. Carter's cheeks were so red. Poor guy.
Shane and Carissa by the Giraffe exhibit. They were at the end of our zoo experience, we left right after this around noon.
Carter and Dave by the rhinos. Carter used to love to say rhino, it was one of the first animals that he could say. Of course they have to be in the shade for the picture, hahaha.
Our family at the zoo, sportin' our shades.
This is another way to stay cool here in the Valley of the Sun. ICE CREAM. Carter's favorite.
My mom's friend from work has a little grandson a couple months older than Carter. Both of them wanted to get together Jaden and Carter to play at Chuck E. Cheese. They both had a blast playing games.
Carter with Chuck E.
July 1st we were able to meet up with Lindsey, Kerrigan and Tucker for some swimming. Really it was just Carter and Kerrigan that went swimming in the play pool. Tucker crawled around Lindsey and I chatted and took pictures.
2 year olds are the hardest to take pictures of, two 2 year olds are even harder, but two 2 year olds playing, oh my...
They had a blast playing together. After they played a tiny bit inside. I am pretty sure it was Kerrigan that potty trained Carter. She showed him how it was done (good thing they are 2) and Carter had no problem after that. Well a little bit of problems, he wont go poop in the toilet and has a hard time telling other that he has to go. He has had an accident in Nursery and 2 in the kids care at the gym and has only done one BM in the toilet.