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December 05, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Carter!

I can't believe that Carter is 3. He is growing up so fast.

We had an eventful day today. We had 2 Cars parties. The first one was with some of his friends. I chose to do an all boy party partly because the theme was boyish. Carter had 6 friends over: Thomas, Stetson, Howie, Tate, Tanner, and Dallin.
Here is Carter with Thomas opening presents. We had a blast. The boys made license plates, played on the mini bounce house, thank you to Dallin for letting us borrow it,
they played pin the lightening bolt to McQueen. The boys loved it, Howie liked it so much he did 3 more lightening bolts after his one.

Here is Carter smiling (this is the only picture I could get him to smile in). Howie is in the background. Everything went so fast and I don't think that I was all there. I forgot so many things (as you can tell I forgot to comb his hair), I even forgot to get a group picture, I remembered after everyone left. SAD
In the evening we had a family party. I love this picture, it captured his excitement. Carter was pretty worn out, hopefully he will take a long nap tomorrow.
This is the Lightening McQueen cake, it turned out better than I imagined. The frosting was hard to work with, it was so runny after adding the food coloring. I even learned my lesson when adding food coloring, add a little at a time, not a whole bunch first. The frosting tasted horrible because I added too much food coloring. We had a fun day.
Dave and I love Carter so much and are grateful he is part of our family. Carter is such a joy!