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March 15, 2012

Wrong Clothes?

I got these clothes a couple weeks ago. They sure don't fit Carter.That is because we are having a BABY BOY in July and the clothes are for him

PS I have had so many ultrasound and the little guy wont cooperate. We cannot get him to turn so we can get a good profile picture. He likes to lay face down.

March 14, 2012


It is called the Light Rail here in Phoenix. Carter knows it as a train. Public transportation between cities and it looks like a train so a train it is.Carter got to ride on the Light Rail because he finally has been sleeping through the night and not waking us up. I know I promised him the city bus ride but the day we had planned to ride the city bus about 900 of the bus drivers were on strike. That meant that only a few buses were actually running. We went on the "train" instead. We parked the car, road the train to Tempe, and got off and ate lunch. We had an all day pass so we decided to head to downtown Phoenix. We got off there and walked around and came back. Carter had a good time. He got bored toward the end because it was crowded and we couldn't pick our seats so he couldn't really see out. Once everyone cleared out we switched seats so he could see out. That made him enjoy the ride more and he didn't want to get off. We had a good time.

March 11, 2012

Ostrich Festival

My dad won tickets from work to the Ostrich Festival, so Saturday we went. The tickets included unlimited rides so Carter took advantage. Carter even went on the big Ferris Wheel and loved it. The festival had some yummy food. We of course had to eat the Indian Fry Bread, the Dole Whip, and the Kettle Korn, all of which are a must. We had the privilege of watching ostriches race, such a hoot. People actually rode on the backs of them like in the horse races. The MC chose little kids from the audience to chase and try to catch emus, hilarious!!!!!! He also chose some kids to dance or walk like an ostrich, some kids did a fantastic job!
This little fun house with a slide he went on a dozen times.
Carter's cousin, Harlie, came with us. Harlie was a trooper and went on a ton of rides too.

This is Carter coming out of the slide.