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May 31, 2012

Cars Update

So ... Carter and Lesley are driving in the car and a very pristine corvette passes them. Carter has been in the mood lately of saying "I like that car. Can you buy it for me when I'm 5 years old?" This particular occasion was no different but Lesley decided to elaborate.

"That's a corvette, Carter. It's faster than a Mustang ..."
"Then I'll drive a Corvette, and Dad can drive a Mustang, and then I'll beat him."

I might be feeding this kid too much competition. Can't have my own flesh and blood show me up, now can I? It's the perfect justification. Lamborghini, here I come!

At least my kid will continue to look up to me for all the cool things I have ... or in this case, look forward to me ... a long ways forward.

May 24, 2012


Carter can still play with his cars for hours. When daddy comes home he LOVES to play car games with him. It has gotten to the point (uh he is barely 3 and a half) where he asks if we can buy him that car as we are driving around town. He says "mommy I like that car, can I get that car" or "Mommy I like that Mustang, can I get that one". One time we were in the car and he says he wants a white Mustang and a black one. Then he says "Daddy you can drive the white one and I can drive the black one." He is 3 and  can point out the Mustangs. He can also point out our cars. He says "Look that's Mommy car, it looks the same." Sure enough it is the exact same car sometimes in a different color. I can't believe he cares enough about cars to already be able to point out the different cars.

May 23, 2012

Baby Items?

We are going to add another one to our family in about 8 weeks (plus or minus 1). Our first child is a boy and now this one is going to be a boy. We saved all of Carter's things for this very purpose so that we would not have to buy more baby stuff. It has been 3 years so I have forgotten all that we have and even what you NEED to have right away. Even if I wanted to go see what we have this is where our belongings are located. In the very corner. I am not about to ask or expect anyone to search for our baby item in this. Especially with it being over 100 degrees outside already.

 GAME: Find our stroller.
This one wont be too hard to get too. Can you see the infant car seat? I hope it will still be safe for him to ride in!
I so wanted to be in our own home before the baby comes but it looks like we wont, so we just have to make due with what we have: a cradle, 3 outfits, and burp clothes. That is all we NEED, right?
HAHAHAHAHA I really do find it comical and right now I really don't care. I am stress free and relaxed it will all work out in the end and what is life for, trials, right?

May 01, 2012

Gotta Love It

Oh the 3 year old stage! I am convince that whoever nicknamed the "terrible twos" hadn't experienced the wonderful 3's yet. Carter insists on dressing himself. On Sundays since we don't usually go anywhere I just let him wear whatever, so I can have one day without a battle. I even took him with me and let him pick out some of his clothes so he would wear them. 

This Sunday was so funny. Dave just had to take a picture, which I am really glad he did. Plaid green shirt, on most days it is a really cute shirt. Then we have sweat-cut-off shorts that are maroon. To top it off he chose his black cleats with no socks. I just love it!