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May 23, 2012

Baby Items?

We are going to add another one to our family in about 8 weeks (plus or minus 1). Our first child is a boy and now this one is going to be a boy. We saved all of Carter's things for this very purpose so that we would not have to buy more baby stuff. It has been 3 years so I have forgotten all that we have and even what you NEED to have right away. Even if I wanted to go see what we have this is where our belongings are located. In the very corner. I am not about to ask or expect anyone to search for our baby item in this. Especially with it being over 100 degrees outside already.

 GAME: Find our stroller.
This one wont be too hard to get too. Can you see the infant car seat? I hope it will still be safe for him to ride in!
I so wanted to be in our own home before the baby comes but it looks like we wont, so we just have to make due with what we have: a cradle, 3 outfits, and burp clothes. That is all we NEED, right?
HAHAHAHAHA I really do find it comical and right now I really don't care. I am stress free and relaxed it will all work out in the end and what is life for, trials, right?

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