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May 31, 2012

Cars Update

So ... Carter and Lesley are driving in the car and a very pristine corvette passes them. Carter has been in the mood lately of saying "I like that car. Can you buy it for me when I'm 5 years old?" This particular occasion was no different but Lesley decided to elaborate.

"That's a corvette, Carter. It's faster than a Mustang ..."
"Then I'll drive a Corvette, and Dad can drive a Mustang, and then I'll beat him."

I might be feeding this kid too much competition. Can't have my own flesh and blood show me up, now can I? It's the perfect justification. Lamborghini, here I come!

At least my kid will continue to look up to me for all the cool things I have ... or in this case, look forward to me ... a long ways forward.

2 "OOH, I wanna say something":

Kaylinn said...

hahaha. Oh dear. This could get bad when he is ready to really drive in a decade.

Trenton said...

ok so that one brought tears to my eyes. Too funny.