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May 24, 2012


Carter can still play with his cars for hours. When daddy comes home he LOVES to play car games with him. It has gotten to the point (uh he is barely 3 and a half) where he asks if we can buy him that car as we are driving around town. He says "mommy I like that car, can I get that car" or "Mommy I like that Mustang, can I get that one". One time we were in the car and he says he wants a white Mustang and a black one. Then he says "Daddy you can drive the white one and I can drive the black one." He is 3 and  can point out the Mustangs. He can also point out our cars. He says "Look that's Mommy car, it looks the same." Sure enough it is the exact same car sometimes in a different color. I can't believe he cares enough about cars to already be able to point out the different cars.

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