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September 14, 2012

St. George

Over Labor Day weekend, and then some, Dave, Carter, Spencer and I drove to St. George to meet Grandma, Kaylinn, Mark and Cameron. We had a great time. We went swimming, hiking, shopping and did lots of relaxing and catching up. It was so therapeutic, we had a hot tub right out on the balcony. 
 Cameron and Spencer were so cute, just kicking, smiling and talking.
 Cameron is bigger than Spencer, longer and heavier. But you can tell they are cousins. They loved being by each other.
 We went to the temple grounds. I love the St. George temple.

September 13, 2012

Zion's National Park

Dave, Carter, Spencer, Grandma Diane, Uncle Mark, Aunt Kaylinn, Cameron and I took a drive to Zion's National Park. We parked our cars outside and took a bus in. The bus driver suggested we take this hike up to a "crying rock" he said since we had little ones it would work for us. He also said there was a slight incline. Slight was an understatement. The incline was probably a 45 degree angle. Not that it was that hard but it was not really meant for a stroller. The hike was seriously only 10 or 15 minutes and then we made it to the crying rock. The water was dripping off the cliff. Beautiful.
 This is after the slight incline hike.
 Next we took the bus to another hiking area. We didn't go very far until we came to a little waterfall and an area for playing in the water.

 It took awhile for Carter to get the courage to get in and play once he did he didn't want to stop.
 Here is Grandma with the 2 babies. The babies did great they pretty much slept the whole time.
Zion's is breath-taking. 

Friends Forever

Carter made little people out of Legos. He said that they are Carter and Spencer holding hands. Melts my heart to see how much Carter loves his brother. I hope they are the best of friends when they are older
 When we were driving in the car Carter says to Spencer, "Spencer your my best friend." I just love my boys


Grandma Diane came to visit us. We tried to go bowling on Monday but the place that we had free passes to was closed for maintenance. So we had to wait until Wednesday. Last time we went bowling I wished I had my camera to capture Carter bowling. This time I made sure to bring it.
 I just love the way Carter bowls, he is so funny. He does really good.