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October 07, 2013

Pinterest Flop

This is an idea from Pinterest. Me and my mom thought it would be fun to make them then give them away to people. So we bought the caramels and melon balled the apples. Melted the caramel and then dipped them into the caramel.

After they dried this is how they turned out. Hahahaha. This is similar to what happened when we tried to make our own cake-pops, with out the cake pop maker. We unanimously decided not to give them away.

August 26, 2013

Monkey Leashes

I know we have all seen these Monkey Leashes for kids. I always think how ridiculous, I am never going to get that for my kids, they can learn to just stay by me. Well Spencer is going to be the kid that you see wearing on of these.
Story: Usually if I have to shower I either bring Spencer with me and lock him in my room or I shower while he is sleeping. Our shower is having to be re-cocked and so I have to shower down stairs or in the kids bathroom. I chose downstairs. This morning I had to get ready early so I get in the shower and leave Spencer out of the bathroom. I didn't want him to unwind the toilet paper or flush the toilet a million times. Half way into my shower I think to myself. Ugh, I should have locked the front door, because as of a week ago Spencer can open the front door and go outside and he loves going out there.  About 3 minutes later I hear a knock at the bathroom door. It was a grown up knock. Weird. So I say "HELLO?" and I here "Lesley" I turn off the water so I could hear better and ask "Who is there?" It was my friend April that lives a couple blocks away. She begins to tell me that she was taking her kids to preschool and saw Spencer outside, running down the street. AHHHHH!!! I was almost done so I hurry and rinse off and get out as fast as I can. She had to leave and had Carter lock the door behind her. I was so freaked out. I can't believe that happened and so so thankful that April happened to be there to bring him back. And that is why I will probably have to get one of these ridiculous Money Leashes.

Mother of the Year Award goes to me this year for sure!

August 23, 2013

Out in the Yard

One of the evenings it cooled off enough to send the boys outside to our lovely backyard. They had fun playing with the little tikes car.

  Poor Carter couldn't fit inside anymore so he was designated pusher.
 Spencer loves being outside getting dirty. Carter on the other hand loves to be outside but hates to get dirty.

On a side note, I am glad I sent them out there because Dave said he was more anxious to get landscaping in the backyard so they could play out there more. :)

August 06, 2013

Little Scholars Preschool

Carter started Preschool today. This is his last year. He is such a handsome boy and so smart. He loves to learn. He already can count up to 100 and a little beyond. He can also recognize the numbers 1-100, He knows the alphabet and can recognize the upper and lower case letters. He still needs practicing on writing a few of them. He knows all the shapes even ones like crescent, and octagon. 
 Here Carter is with the Preschool teachers, Mrs Kristin, Mrs Lisa, and Mrs Bianne. He is excited he says his teachers are nice and he likes them.

July 10, 2013

AZ Diamondbacks Vs CO Rockies Game

We went to the Arizona Diamondbacks game and took the kids. Of course we didn't stay the whole time because Spencer got too tired and Carter got bored. He kept saying that he had to go to the bathroom but when we got there he didn't really have to go. Funny boy. We had great seats, thanks to INTEL they were free. Baxter came to our section and Carter got a picture with him. Funny story: Carter kept playing on the stairs, running up and down, swinging on the railing and climbing up the "fence" (we were sitting right next to the pool so Carter had to keep looking over). Apparently he made friends with some guys in a row ahead of us or they just thought that he was cool cause he kept running up and down the stairs. When Baxter came to our section he was signing balls, shirts and paper. There was a line starting to form and I told Carter to hurry up and go down there so he could give him high five and get a picture with him. I overheard the guys in the row ahead of us say "Baxter better take a picture with our buddy in the green shirt or we're going to beat him up" (I think they were a little drunk) hahaha Then when Carter got there they started cheering for him hahaha. Carter is a stud! The picture is blurry because I was too close, was using my mom's phone and I had to hurry.   I only got one picture and this is how it turned out so, it will have to do.

July 09, 2013

Fourth of July

For the Fourth we celebrated with friends. We all pitched in and rented this water slide. The kids had a blast! Carter is at the top ready to slide down. We also had sandwiches, which I really like those long sub sandwiches that you have to cut and it feeds a ton of people. They are really good.
When it became dark we lit fireworks. Some of our friends had the "real" ones that shoot up high and then explode, the ones that they have at firework shows. I was holding Spencer and Carter started freaking out but then when I pointed out that Spencer was not scared then Carter was ok after that. When they would go off Spencer would rest his head on my chest, which I was soaking up. He is such a busy kid and I never get to cuddle with him. I loved it! I love this country that we live in and I am so thankful that I was born here and not in another country.

July 08, 2013

Disneyland 2013

Here we are on our way to "The Happiest Place on Earth"

Carter waited in line to see Woody for 20 minutes, he was so excited. As soon as he was 3 kids away Jesse came out and Woody left. He was disappointed but was better when they said Buzz was going to be out in the next 10 minutes, so of course we waited, we ended up being the 2nd one in line. He thought it was so cool to see Buzz and give him "high five"

We waited in the "Carsland" ride for 165 minutes. Dave and Carter got a little bored and didn't want to smile for the picture. The picture below shows the a fraction of the line. Crazy!

He we are on the ride about to have the ride of our life. Carter is so exited.
This is my favorite photo by the looks of my face the ride is super scary. In actuality it wasn't scary it was so fun! And super creative. Of course Disney did a great job, don't they always.
We spent most of the day in California Adventure. Around 3 pm we headed over to Disneyland. Here is Spencer playing at Innoventions. We checked it out while we waited for our Autopia FastPass. He liked it because he spent most the day in the stroller.

Here is Carter and Lesley on Autopia, Carter was a pretty good driver and he had a blast.
And of course I had to take Carter on Its a Small World. I love this ride it is so peaceful.
Spencer crashed in the stroller. He woke up right before "World of Color" just in time to put Carter in the stroller.
Because Carter fell asleep right before the water show and he would have been a lot heavier to carry while asleep all the way to the car.

Lesley and Spencer waiting for the "World of Color" I love my little Spencer.
"World of Color" is fantastic! Very entertaining! I love Disneyland, we all can't wait to go again. And of course to top off the best vacation a delightful chocolate caramel apple. This one is shaped as Mickey. All the workers at the store had no idea what I was talking about when I asked if they had a plain one. Weird.
A couple stories:
  • While carter and I were waiting for the Disney Junior Live on Stage show we got some ice cream. Carter didn't have time to finish his ice cream and they made him throw it away because they didn't allow food or drink in the theater. Carter was tired and it set him off he was crying. The worker there gave us a voucher for a free ice cream. Disneyland is all about making the experience grand!
  • We made our way to Disneyland and we decided to ride Pirates of the Caribbean. My dad talked Carter into it and Dave and I knew that he was not going to like it, it is kinda scary to a innocent 4 year old. We wait in line for 30 minutes and we get 2 minutes from getting on the ride and it breaks down. We ended up not riding it and Carter can keep his innocence about Pirates. Pirates can still be "Jake and the Neverland Pirates"
  • Dave got the highest score between all of us on Toy Story Mania. 172,000 the rest of us were below 100,000
  • Carter kept seeing a Disney shirt. He would say he wanted it, there it is again. We kept saying no. Finally at the end of the day right before Dave left he secretly bought it for him and gave him the shirt. Carter's face lite up and he was so happy. It made a special day even better. He even said thank you on his own.
  • The next day, we went to breakfast Carter would say are we going to Disneyland again. Then we went to the beach the next day, Carter asked again are we going to Disneyland. Even on the way home he asked again. He kept saying he wanted to go back. this was 2 weeks ago and he still asks can we go to Disneyland.

January 03, 2013