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July 10, 2013

AZ Diamondbacks Vs CO Rockies Game

We went to the Arizona Diamondbacks game and took the kids. Of course we didn't stay the whole time because Spencer got too tired and Carter got bored. He kept saying that he had to go to the bathroom but when we got there he didn't really have to go. Funny boy. We had great seats, thanks to INTEL they were free. Baxter came to our section and Carter got a picture with him. Funny story: Carter kept playing on the stairs, running up and down, swinging on the railing and climbing up the "fence" (we were sitting right next to the pool so Carter had to keep looking over). Apparently he made friends with some guys in a row ahead of us or they just thought that he was cool cause he kept running up and down the stairs. When Baxter came to our section he was signing balls, shirts and paper. There was a line starting to form and I told Carter to hurry up and go down there so he could give him high five and get a picture with him. I overheard the guys in the row ahead of us say "Baxter better take a picture with our buddy in the green shirt or we're going to beat him up" (I think they were a little drunk) hahaha Then when Carter got there they started cheering for him hahaha. Carter is a stud! The picture is blurry because I was too close, was using my mom's phone and I had to hurry.   I only got one picture and this is how it turned out so, it will have to do.

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Kaylinn said...

Oh that's a funny story with the drunk guys getting Carter a picture. I love it! And who cares that it's blurry. it's an awesome memory!