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August 26, 2013

Monkey Leashes

I know we have all seen these Monkey Leashes for kids. I always think how ridiculous, I am never going to get that for my kids, they can learn to just stay by me. Well Spencer is going to be the kid that you see wearing on of these.
Story: Usually if I have to shower I either bring Spencer with me and lock him in my room or I shower while he is sleeping. Our shower is having to be re-cocked and so I have to shower down stairs or in the kids bathroom. I chose downstairs. This morning I had to get ready early so I get in the shower and leave Spencer out of the bathroom. I didn't want him to unwind the toilet paper or flush the toilet a million times. Half way into my shower I think to myself. Ugh, I should have locked the front door, because as of a week ago Spencer can open the front door and go outside and he loves going out there.  About 3 minutes later I hear a knock at the bathroom door. It was a grown up knock. Weird. So I say "HELLO?" and I here "Lesley" I turn off the water so I could hear better and ask "Who is there?" It was my friend April that lives a couple blocks away. She begins to tell me that she was taking her kids to preschool and saw Spencer outside, running down the street. AHHHHH!!! I was almost done so I hurry and rinse off and get out as fast as I can. She had to leave and had Carter lock the door behind her. I was so freaked out. I can't believe that happened and so so thankful that April happened to be there to bring him back. And that is why I will probably have to get one of these ridiculous Money Leashes.

Mother of the Year Award goes to me this year for sure!

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Kaylinn said...

I love that you blogged this story! I still makes me laugh!